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May 25, 2010


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John B

It's interesting that the defence and prosecution came up with all those instances of Sheppard acting aggressively towards motorists and that the speed of Bryant's car was less than half that reported by eye witnesses. I also saw no good explanation why Bryant crossed to the opposite side of the road, causing Sheppard to strike obstacles. There's a whole lot there that we aren't going to hear about because this has been kept from going to trial. Here is one time where an extended trial would be worth every penny of taxpayers' money.

“Two-tier justice means that those who can afford a legal dream team can buy their way out of jail,” – Michael Bryant

Luke Ventura

It was a fight between an extremely drunk vagrant and a scared, short fused, politician. I'm sick of people making it into anything more than that.

If Sheppard was wondering the streets drunk on foot and tried the same stunt, it would have ended the same way. It has nothing to do with bikeys.


Sorry but given the evidence, it's more like 'If a car picks a fight with a bike, he's gonna win, every time.'


You forget that there is a youtube video out there documenting the original confrontation in which Mr. Bryant is shown to deliberately ram the deceased with his car - not once, but twice. In our legal system, that counts as assault with a deadly weapon, and with the video playing the role of smoking gun, a conviction was a foregone conclusion.

Bryant got off for only one reason: his connections.


Sure, Sheppard was scary and by no means a model of good cyclist behaviour, and Bryant was right to try to get away, but was it really reasonable to switch to the wrong side of the street and cause Sheppard to strike immobile objects?

If you want to improve the tone of the discussion among road users, you would do well to stop using such a cutesy and dismissive term as 'bikeys'. (For one thing, 'bikies' (note spelling) means motorcycle gang members in some places.)



Light is red.
Cyclist is hit from behind once, a light bump.

Cyclist is hit from behind TWICE, a Hard Bump and goes over hood.

Seconds later the car leaves.


I know a lot of people who took sides with the cyclist. But, ask anyone what they would do if a cyclist jumped on their car and tried to attack them, and the answer is "Drive away". Thankfully, the system worked.


Driving away with someone hanging onto your car ... only in the movies, kids.

Jim Kenzie

He IS not guilty! He, like everyone else, is innocent until proven otherwise, and if they didn't even charge him...

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