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May 14, 2010


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M Boughner

Congratulations on your new addition to the family and welcome to the fraternity. You have made an excellent choice. I am on my second Miata and I still get a stupid grin on my face every time that I get into the drivers seat. It really is a great car.
Happy Motoring, Kenzie, and don't forget to give the Mazda wave as you go by.

Mike in Oakville

David White

Excellent choice...hope to see it in Oakville.

Sean McConnell

There's still some pretty neat finds out there from the ninety's for not much money. My new "on-ramp" thrill is a '95 SHO. HOLY, she goes!!

Did the convertible thing once. My hair can't take it... too thin.

Better have you fun quick before Fantino finds a way to ban ANYTHING fun on the road.

Keith Tanner

Congrats, Jim! You'll enjoy that for sure. They're flattering enough to make anyone feel like Fangio.

There are all sorts of reasons why it might be sitting that way, most of which involve some creative parts swapping on the part of that mysterious roll-bar-installing previous owner. Maybe it's an excuse to install a nice performance suspension!

You helped me out so much with the Targa, drop me a line if I can help at all with this little beastie - keith at miata.net.

hugh cree

Hey Jim, Hugh from San Diego, we met some years ago, at dinner. Great little Miata there. I had one as well, Red, such a fun car. Only problems were (1) failing window lifts on both sides within 3 months of each other, with identical faults. The cable from the electric motor, the cable end nipple pulled off. Mazda wanted something like $300 for replacement units, I fixed both with a 50 cent bicycle cable nipple, they never failed again; (2) the clutch went at around 80K Miles and (3) I sold it at 110,000 miles when the head gasket started leaking.


Congrats on the new addition!!
Nothing like driving around in a light weight sports car. You've got the whole summer ahead of you! Live it up! :-)

John Holman

The MX-5 reminds me of the billboard ad for this vehicle in the U.K. - "Mazda puts motoring back 25 years!"

Only drove one once - beautiful little car.


Good choice, I'm on my 3rd, back to the roomier, lighter 1990.

My partner has 2001, which is softer and quieter.

When you wrote this I was at the Miatas in Moab IV event with a couple of hundred other Miata owners.

I drove from Vancouver, taking in San Antonio on the way, racking up over 8,000 trouble free kms


and for the video




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