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June 25, 2010


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Tom D

I agree. The 1968-70 Javelins are some of the best looking Pony cars of the era, though a bit plain on the inside and the 1969 Ambassador SST in 2-door coupe or wagon form still is one of the most attractive cars styled in that era. Add to that the Hornet SC360 and you're right - beautiful styling.

I had an Eagle SX/4 with manual transmission, and on very cold mornings with the fluids in gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials all not warmed up it seemed like it took all the power of the 232ci six to get the car up to 80kph.

Bill Taylor

Right on, Jim. The Hornet IS a good-looking car. But even the Gremlin had its own quirky charm (which didn't, alas, extend as far as its driving qualities). And the first-generation AMX was one of the best-looking muscle cars. Thirty five years after the event, I'm still kicking myself for passing up the chance, in 1975, to buy a mint, low-mileage '70 AMX, with the 390 and 4-speed, for $1,500. I somehow wound up driving a six-cylinder Plymouth Duster instead....

Tim Garrett

Hey Jim! I just stumbled upon your page when doing a yahoo image search for "Orange AMC Hornet". I own a 1974 AMC Hornet that when NEW was painted almost EXACTLY like your pictured car! The differences were: mine is a 74 vs your 77 model, so mine was painted in "Sienna Orange" vs your Orange which seems a bit brighter than the rusty brownish Sienna Orange of 74. Also, my top was a PAINTED white top vs your vinyl. Mine also didn't have the white "X" stripe down the side. Mine was re-painted a 1973 "Grasshopper Green" color by a previous owner way before me. I've been toying with the idea of painting mine back to Orange again, hence my search for "Orange AMC Hornet", which brought me here. THOROUGHLY enjoyed your article and AGREE 100% with everything you said about AMC, which is almost identical to what I tell people! I even like to point out to people that scoff at the notion of ever owning AMC "junk" as they drive their Hummers that THOSE were designed by AMC people! They all say.."No..it's GMC..NOT AMC!" I say..."Nooooooo...GMC bought it from AM General which was a subsidiary of AMC...go read up on your automotive history!" When I prove it to them they are astonished! Which goes to show you that AMC had a MUCH broader footprint on the automotive landscape than many realize. Even the designer of the Porshe 928 ADMITTED that the rear end of that car drew it's inspiration from the AMC Pacer! Anyway, if you care to see my car, it's on youtube at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmUdCW0hS6g Also, please update us with how your Hornet is doing now! I hope that you are still enjoying it and that you were able to get it fixed! Sincerely, Tim

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