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June 08, 2010


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Obviously, make first step in case of a car fire is just get the heck outta there. Precaution is must, driver must have a fire extinguisher always. Thanks for the informative post.

Sean McConnell

We used to bolt in a small fire extinguisher in the interior of our street rods in the 70's/80's because it looked cool!

Greg H

Jim, I certainly agree that no car is worth dying for, but a fire extinguisher is cheap insurance. All modern cars have pressurized fuel in the engine compartment, and if a leak occurs and sprays onto the exhaust manifold, a fire can easily start. Why have you car burn to the ground because of a leak?

Just shut the keys off (after stopping, of course), which will cut off the fuel pump & supply, grab the extinguisher, and put it out.

I've also seen catalytic converter fires too.

Plus, one day you may be called on to put out a fire that has nothing to do with your car.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Greg:

Good points, especially your last one. One of my competitor/colleagues was being treated to a ride around Toronto some years ago in the original Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, surely one of the rarest (there IS only one) and most valuable cars of all time.

They were flagged down by an Ontario Hydro maintenance man who yelled that the car was on fire! A union in the fuel system had come loose and something had ignited the spilled fuel. Mr. Hydro pulled his extinguisher from his truck and quickly put out the fire.

Now, THAT'S an automotive hero!

Jim Kenzie

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