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June 01, 2010


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It's too bad you didn't drive downtown - you might have seen, as I did, a half-dozen cyclists lined up at every stop light.

It was a great day for breezing past gridlocked cars, safely.

I did see some appalling conduct ... such as cars making extremely late left turns in front of much bigger vehicles.

And someone had the temerity to pull into the bike lane to pass everyone else. It was a guy on a Harley. Now that's a bikey.

Seriously, Kenzie, you should do a piece on riding a bike downtown just so you see what it's really like.

doug lippay

I saw 25 in a group in Markham, along with two police cruisers with lights flashing, 3 motorcycle cops and 3 more bicycle cops. I could make better time myself with that much assistance...

matt guse

Jim, I just want to let you know that you're starting to come off as a bit of a smart ass with these sarcastic posts regarding cycling.

I'm a car lover and a cyclist. I leave my car at home and ride to work. You saw one, but I bet they were all downtown, where its not practical to drive a car, but is practical to ride a bike.

Come visit Montreal, and ride the bixi (rent a bike) service. Its great.

Keep writing interesting car reviews and travel stories, I enjoy them. But let go of the bike thing.


Matt Guse
Montreal, QC, formerly of Waterloo and Hamilton Ontario.


Ride Your Bike to Work Day in Canada Jim, not just in your Centre (or do you prefer "Center") of the Universe.

Another example of your narrow mindedness.


Rick C.

I agree with your earlier post that we should consider legalizing cycling on the sidewalks. Many cyclists now do this illegally anyway rather than ride legally on the roads. However, this privilege should come with some restrictions. That is, cyclists must yield to pedestrians (as must all other vehicles all the time), and cyclists must come to a full stop before crossing any road. The current law requires cyclists crossing in this manner to dismount and walk. This gives them rights when crossing. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to the required dismount. If we allowed cyclists to ride across from sidewalk to sidewalk there could be other dangers involved. In 2003 the City of Toronto did a study of bicycle accidents that essentially showed that riding on the sidewalk was a major contributing cause of bicycle accidents. In other words, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is not a safe as it may seem. Hmmm. http://www.toronto.ca/transportation/publications/bicycle_motor-vehicle/index.htm


Oooh snap! I guess that cyclist's life must therefore be completely expendable. Jim Kenzie FTW!

Luke Ventura

"I didn't see him!" is also the most common reason given in bike-car collisions.

Jim Kenzie

I did drive eastbound along Lakeshore Boulevard the other day, in rush hour, a day or two after "Ride your Bike to Work" day. Again, a lovely day. Bikes there use the Martin Goodman Trail, named after The Star's former publisher. A better, safer, more scenic bike route, or a better day on which to use it, would be hard to imagine. There were a dozen or so bikes in my field of vision. About 20,000 cars coming the other way.

Where IS this huge demand for more bike lanes?!?

And again, I'm not talking about the St. Clair hill in February...

Jim Kenzie

To Rob:

Yes, "Centre" is correct, or CotKU as we call it (Centre of the Known Universe).

Even with my high-powered, safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly car, I was unable to drive in ALL parts of this great country in one day - couldn't even cover all of TBS (The Big Smoke).

Had to restrict my comments to what I actually saw.

If that makes me narrow-minded, well, I'm sorry!!

Jim Kenzie

To 'pedro':


Jim Kenzie

Luke Ventura

Jim, would you like me to photograph the literally thousands of bikes who bike to work, and park in office buildings, hospital staff lots, and all over the street.

I realize it's too much work for you to look at Bay & Dundas on a weekday where every tree, sign post, and bike stand in sight gets several commuter bikes chained to it; So I'll take the photos for you, tomorrow.

Remember, most of us DON'T get $2000/yr downtown parking spots provided like Torstar employees do.

Please tell me what e-mail address I should send the photos to?

Jim Kenzie

Hi Luke:

Fire away. My e-mail address is printed at the bottom of each column I write, and I think it is also here on the blog somewhere.

If not, jim@jimkenzie.com, so simple even I can remember it.

So, on Ride your Bike to Work day in Canada, all those bikes were chained to trees instead of actually being ridden to work?

I see...

I was nowhere near Dundas and Bay - I did say I didn't get downtown that day. We all don't work downtown!

I was in near- (as opposed to deep-) Scarborough, central Toronto, and north Toronto (Yonge and Finch), the latter venue right around rush hour.

And I saw one bike - ONE bike - that looked like it had been ridden to work.

As noted elsewhere on this blog, a few days later, again in rush hour, on a perfect late spring day, on one of the few bits of bike infrastructure we DO have in this city (the Martin Goodman trail along Lakeshore) there were a handful of bikes and thousands of cars on the road.

Come February, there will still be thousands of cars...

Which reminds me; can you send me a shot of those bike parking lots in February too?

Geez, maybe we're onto something here. Maybe riding a bike is dangerous because it affects one's eyesight? Obviously you people cannot see!

Oh sorry, I forgot many of you bikeys don't have a sense of humour...

BTW, I am not a Torstar employee, nor do I park downtown at their expense. Nor at MY expense, if I can help it. I am as environmentally-friendly as it gets because I work out of my home and don't have to commute at all.


Jim Kenzie

Luke Ventura

Jim, that's why it's called Bike-to-work-day, not Take-the-day-off-work-and-bike-all-day-aimlessly-around-the-suburbs-day.

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