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June 03, 2010


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Rev. Ted McCollum

Jim, couldn't agree more with the lights. I have a Kia Rondo, and the lights are on all of the time, and turns off automatically when you turn the key off. It is just a no-brainer, and allows you to have both headlights and taillights on when driving in all conditions. Why can't every company figure this out?


Sheesh Jim, maybe you should ride a bike to work instead ;)


Hi Jim,

You aren't one of the drivers who leaves about 200m between the car in front when traffic is averaging a stately 20km/h are you? :D That's my particular pet peeve. For crying out loud, these people see the car in front start moving, and wait until it's just over the horizon before letting everyone else start to move! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!
Thanks, just wanted to vent!

Bill Taylor

Time we had a law similar to that in New York and, I believe, other states: If your windshield wipers are on, your headlights have to be on, too.


I don't understand the difficulty in turning on your headlights. It takes less than a second and can save you from a collision because you were seen by the other drivers. Ideally, just turn them on when you drive. Using full headlights on 400 series highways are the most important. When I'm travelling that fast, I want to be seen!

Jim Kenzie

To Randy:

Don't have to. I've got the most environmentally-friendly, safe gig of all - I work out of my home!

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

To EM:

You're welcome!

Proper driving practice suggests a three-second gap, so the distance should increase as the speed does. Pretty hard to maintain in any sort of traffic around THIS town - five cars will try to fill the gap!

Hope YOU aren't one of those!

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

To Bill:

It would be useful.

Or, we could just learn to do it ourselves!

Jim Kenzie

Bill Korea

Since you never get tailgaited by someone who knows how to drive, it is your duty to
a) react cautiously to the aggressive driver who surely has a much larger collection of bad and dangerous habits
b) if the opportunity arises, educate the aggressive driver by drawing them into something they don't expect or can't handle.
There is some amusement to be had by leading an unwary tailgaiter around a turn at a good clip.

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