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July 03, 2010


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It's one thing to see these goofballs on the highway with their never-finished paintjobs, amateur bodykits and - my favourite - the 'Powered by Honda' decals (Really? I thought you'd have an old Buick pushrod under the hood), but when they're buzzing along within city limits and drowning out every other sound at stop lights, they're more than annoying.

Stephen Wong

I did notice you, the gray miata with the roll cage. It looks like a fun weekend/track car. We are doing an event at Mosport International Raceway this sunday, called Import Expo. It's going to be track, race and show. You should consider comming by.
P.S Sorry for tailing too close to you!


Just reading through your blog and happened upon a comment you made about all cars signalling their lane changes. Upon taking a recent drive to Ft. Lauderdale and back you begin to notice how conditioned US interstate drivers are into properly signalling and staying out of the passing lane. And when a car does seem to appear from a distance as spending too much time or not signalling properly, that upon approaching it you realize that it is a Canadian driver.

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