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July 07, 2010


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John B

Jim, I know the situation well, but mostly from the other perspective. I'm sure you're an experienced enough driver that this is probably not what happened in your case. Anyway, I'm driving along the main highway, at, or a reasonable margin over the speed limit, and somebody pulls out from a sideroad ahead of me, usually without stopping, underestimating my speed (or maybe just ignoring me). Unless I reduce my speed, I will rear-end them or have to pass them. Often, if I'm annoyed enough and it's unsafe to pass, I'll come up close behind then before braking, rather than just lifting as soon as I see them turn, just to show them they made a mistake, because otherwise these people will never learn. Sadly, most of these people never look in their mirrors, or look before pulling out onto a highway.


I'm glad you mentioned the double yellow, I had been told there was no law regarding passing over one but was uncertain. Do you know if this is also true in other provinces (or states)? I'm currently vacationing in the maritimes, which prompts my question.

Regardless of the law, at least the people who paint the lines and set the speed limits out here seem to have a bit more sense than their counterparts in Ontario.

Mingo Jones

Jim, great story to share with the countless idiot drivers out there. As for the crossing the double solid line - do you know if it is illegal in Quebec? When I was there I heard many stories about people either getting fined or failing their driving exam when crossing the double solid line.

Kent Harrison

Hmmm. Hang on there. If, as you say, you had plenty of room to pull out in front of her, why did she have the opportunity to pass you, rightly or wrongly? If she passed you, she would have had to apply the brakes to let you in which is just not cool to force someone to do. Agreeably, unsafe passing is a bad thing. Also, pulling out in front of someone causing them to brake on the highway is also a bad thing, both of which need to be avoided.

My mantra is 'it won't kill you to wait 5 seconds' and pull out behind the car you can see coming, not in front. Just sayin'.


It may not be illegal to cross a double yellow line (or a combined broken and solid line), but the whole point of the solid line is that it's there to indicate that passing is unsafe in that location (crest of a hill, curve, etc.):


Jim Kenzie

Hi Kent:

On this highway, you grab your opportunities where you find them. I was easily up to the speed limit (OK, maybe even a shade over...) before she caught up to me, so she had no need to brake. Except of course she was going WELL over the speed limit, and passed me just for the hell of it - on a blind corner!

Jim Kenzie

Hi Larry:

W/R/T yellow lines: True, the yellow lines are SUPPOSED to indicate where it is or is not safe to pass. My point was that it is not technically illegal to cross a solid yellow. And I have seen many cases where the line painters were both too conservative and WAY too liberal in their interpretation of what 'safe' is.

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