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August 10, 2010


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David White

Very good news!

Larry Mitz

You're back..good news...got a cold....tough; welcome to the club.
Julian Fantino...who knows? Will the next one be any better? Maybe. One can hope.
As long as the police are focussed on getting convictions in court they will concentrate on numbers..i.e. speeding. If they would concentrate on making the roads safer they would not do as well in court. It's harder to prove unsafe lane changes or following too closely than it is to prove 25 km/h over the limit. The first two affect highway safety; the third is largely irrelevant. I hope the new commissioner is more interested in safety than was Fantino.
I have a suggestion...put up signs on all 400 series hwys, "Drive Right; Pass Left" I'm waiting to see it happen....I'm not holding my breath.

Sean McConnell

Doh! I was going to make a bumper sticker "Impound THIS Fantino!" for my street rod. Now, what's the point :(


Who cares about Julian Fantino?


I should say,"who cares about Julian Fantino but Fantino himself?"

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