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August 25, 2010


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Mike Dodds


Jim Kenzie

Me, or the bike cop??

Jim Kenzie


Never mind on a bike, I've seen one doing radar (lidar) from the back of a police horse (here in Toronto). Speaking of hiding behind a thin concrete pole...saw just that on Lakeshore blvd. w, driving e/b up the hill before Jameson. They need thinner officers or bigger poles.


While you WILL win in court, it does not really matter. The cops still get 4 hours of overtime and there is NO sanction applied for laying charges they KNOW are false. Our cops are out of control and are above the law. We have their leadership and our politicians to thank for that.



I have been noticing more than a few motorcycles lately with flashing headlights on the roads (no, they are not the cops, but the headlights flash like police headlights). I at first thought it was just a bike with an electrical problem, but I have seen many of them, sometimes in packs on the highway. Is this something new for increased visibility? It is just distracting to me.

Colin Scott


Try driving in Calgary. The cops here are now taking credit for reduced fatalities because of the obscene number of tickets they wrote in the last year. Calagary has the distinction of being the worst place to drive as it relates to speed traps. It really is a form of taxation here in Alberta and something has to be done to stop it. I guess I was wrong that the improvements in vehicle safety equipment has more to do with the decrease in fatalities, not some cop hiding behind a fence and issuing tickets. Note, we also have photo radar, red light cameras. I might add that I have no traffic offences, so this is not a rant from a victim.

I hope that the police can follow those who are texting, eating, talking on cellphones etc and write tickets rather than resort to the hiding in the weeds approach to enforcement, which I believe is something you do not support either.


Jim Kenzie

There was a concern when Daytime Running Lights were adopted for cars (over 20 years ago!) that motorcycles which usually had DRL already would lose their 'visibility' advantage - they would no longer stand out. A lot of newer bikes seem to have added the flashing feature; not being that familiar with motorcycles I don't know if it is law in some jurisdictions, or if it is the shape of things to come or what. I guess if it IS 'distracting' you are noticing the bikes and that's sort of the point!

Maybe some biker out there has more information?


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