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September 08, 2010


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Greg H

Especially since neither the SUV or bus have a front license plate.

By the way, watch out in B.C. because the Ontario exception of the divided highway doesn't apply. See here and here:


I also like the idea the buses have on the prairies where there is a flashing light affixed to the roof that is always flashing.

Seems unbelievable that people still pass school buses...

John from Ajax

Thanks, Jim, for making this blog entry. It is important stuff.

When I retired from corporate life two years ago, I decided to sign up as a School Crossing Guard, and I also hold by B-class (bus driver's) licence. As such, I get a pretty ugly perspective on drivers' habits out here in the Durham Region.

This past Friday, I witnessed a "soccer mom" with kids in her car drive clear through a stopped school bus, with signals flashing and students exiting the bus. Infractions in and around school zones are routine. People gabbing on cell phones while driving has become worse, not better, since penalties for doing so were increased. Stop signs are mistaken for being yield signs, more often than not. Speeding is a given. Earlier last week I stared down a Mitsubishi Gallant in the middle of the road, my Stop Sign waving and whistle blowing, who was simply not getting the message. Thank God she came to a stop one metre from my legs.

I (as well as all the other bus drivers and crossing guards out there) do what I (we) can, trying hard to keep the children, and myself (ourselves) safe, especially from distracted drivers and scofflaws. It can be frustrating to witness such ubiquitous irresponsibility, but there are a few glimmers of hope. Last May, a young driver ran through my stop sign while kids were crossing the road. To add insult to injury, he actually accelerated through my stop sign. I took down his plate number, description and description of the car. I reported him through Road Watch to Durham Region's Finest. Within a week, I saw him no more. Evidently he had either been grounded, or had found an alternate route to speed to school.

Please, everyone, just pay attention to the rules. But then, I am likely preaching to the converted.

Incidentally, the cream-coloured SUV in the picture is committing an infraction. Do you know what it is?


Jim Kenzie

Hi John:

Thanks for the comments from the front lines. Scary stuff!

The photo I used was lifted from the Ontario Government web site and was clearly a set-up shot for that purpose!

I hope...


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