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September 29, 2010


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Nick B.

Surely a mis-print or Mr. Kenzie has been badly misled.
When was the last time Ford brought over a Euro model that's even better than over there?

If anything, it will be worse...you know, the Buick suspension, the drum brakes, the inadequate lighting, etc., etc., etc......and probably no hatch, but a fully booted version to satisfy the Americans.

Angus MacKenzie

I concur. The only euro rides to make the 'mercan transformation unscathed come with a mildly heft $250k price taglet. Although, give the current economy, consumer spending, and buyer apathy, I'd hope that the new shiny brass at Ford would Q-tip that mezazoic 'mercans like squishy suspension, Chevy Chevette design mentality out of their wee heeds.
New ST does seem to borrow from the Evo family in the nosal area. Also carrying over some Civic-ized styling influences around the eyeballs. Having driven a Speed3 for 3 years I'd be curious to see how this fairs against. Sans the Buickfied suspension and post-war drum brakes. Bet no kid under 21 would know what a drum brake was if it fell on his iPad.

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