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October 26, 2010


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angus mackenzie

Hey, I never stole your lunch money! Clearly there are too many cars here for you to drive and properly review. As such, I recommend calling myself to assist with the ride/review overages. Call me when your arms get tired & you need a pinch driver.

Ryan Kershaw

You are a horrible, horrible person. I hope a cup of lukewarm coffee spills on you and ruins one of your shirts. :)

How's the caddy?

Nick B.

tell me about the mustang. i'm thinking of the forthcoming boss 302 (or the laguna seca model).
rest? bah, typical euro trash...;)...!

thank you!


Jim Kenzie

Hi Ryan Kershaw:

For most of my shirts, that'd probably be a win.

It's also why I wear an oilcoat during Test Fest!

Jim Kenzie

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