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October 25, 2010


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John Strung

You don't have to go as far as Ann Arbor. Hamilton has seen the light and has installed a number of traffic circles. There are two on Wilson Street on either side of the 403, one just completed at Hwy 52 and Jerseyville Road, one scheduled for the very messy intersection of Peters Corners (where highways 52, 5 and 8 all meet) and one being considered from Wilson and Rousseaux.

A live webcam of one of the Wilson Street traffic circles is available here at the link below. It is interesting to watch for a few minutes and see how well it works and how smoothly traffic flows without lights or stop signs:


There is also a good article about the benefits of traffic circles on Hamilton's website: http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/PublicWorks/TrafficEngineeringAndOperations/RoadsTrafficModernRoundabout.htm

Jim Kenzie

Hi John:

Yes, I've written about the Hamilton/Ancaster roundabouts and those in Waterloo and Orleans (in Ottawa) before.

Everywhere it seems except the GTA.

Are our drivers really that unique that they couldn't figure them out?

Toronto Mayor-Elect Rob Ford, and the new administrations in surrounding municipalities, over to you.

Jim Kenzie

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