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December 09, 2010


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We have an '08 Elantra, it was the cheapest for a reason. It compared well, when we test drove it and others. But.....
IF the Elantra is attempting leadership in this range, Hyundai needs to fix a couple of things: 1st; noise. This car is NOISY! Engine is the biggest problem, but there is also considerable road noise. 2nd; seating position, the driver seat needs to have more adjustment or maybe it just needs a better tilting steering wheel. 3rd; handling, this car is absolute crap on wet roads, I've had three sets of good tires on it, and it is not the tires, the car just does not feel stable. Those are my top three, there are a couple more, but that is enough to say our car is for sale.
My wife wanted this car, she loved it, but she has seen the light, our nine year old Grand Caravan drives & handles better!!
If it is raining or snowing, we take the van.


I don't read the print edition. If it's not online it likely won't be read at least not by me

Jim Kenzie

Hi Ron (and Mrs. Ron...):

I think you'll find the new Elantra much improved on all counts!

I'm a bit surprised you have had such problems on wet roads though - maybe there's something else at issue here?

Jim Kenzie

Hi Dave:

If it's in the print edition, it's also on-line!

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