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January 02, 2011


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Brian W


All good points, every one of them. As for #9, I also carry a few tetra-paks of juice. These can freeze/thaw/refreeze in your car without bursting or harming the juice. I put them in my car before my first winter highway trip along with my emergency kit and simply take out the juice paks in the spring (I'll empty them then, since they are now a bit old, and recycle the containers).
I also carry a shovel at all times in the winter. As for snow traction, rubber car mats are great for getting a car unstuck.


How are you supposed to get the defroster fired up if you don't idle the car while scraping? I find I end up with interior fogging if the defroster doesn't run for 20-30 seconds on some cold but humid days. It doesn't take much more than that to get the ice and snow off the car either.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Peter:

I think the point was that by scraping off the snow and ice first your defroster doesn't have that big a job to do. Its main purpose is to de-fog the interior side of the glass anyway, not to melt the snow and ice on the outside.

In most (if not all) cars with air conditioning, the A/C runs when the Defrost setting is selected even if the car is freezing; the purpose there is to dehumidify the air.

I also still see some cars on cold mornings which obviously have the 'Recirc' lever/button/whatever enabled. Recirculating the warm moist air from your own breath makes it difficult if not impossible for the defroster to de-fog the interior side of the glass.

Jim Kenzie

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