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January 07, 2011


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There's someone else in Toronto who drives around in a Mazda3 that has been rebadged JDM-style as an 'Axela'.

Japanese cars probably have the model name in Latin letters to facilitate exports, since the JDM names do sometimes travel to Asia and Australia.

Years ago, in Europe, my brother drove a Corolla Liftback that had トヨタ on the steering wheel. That's Toyota written in katakana, the script used in Japanese for *foreign* words, presumably because 'Toyota' itself is an adapted version of Toyoda and is therefore not properly Japanese, I guess.

Ah, here's a picture of the logo: http://bit.ly/h2P25I


It is funny to see in Canada people are trying to make there cars look like a JDM where here in New Zealand (we drive on the left as does Japan)we try to hide the fact it is a JDM. We have had 'second hand Japanese imports' for about 20 years now. The horror stories when they first came to New Zealand...a Mitsubishi with 50,000km in the clock was very unreliable, long story short it got tracked back to belonging to a 24 hour driving school in Japan and was last serviced at 200,000. Other cars turned out to be two different cars welded together! The Japanese imports are more reputable now but you still have to be careful buying one.

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