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February 12, 2011


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Jim M

I'm sure this 'technology' could be adapted to eliminate unconsummated pon farr friction too;)


This one was funny when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Stewart Baker

He overlooked the Framis Gear which rotates around the Giggle Pin.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Zombywoof:

Didn't know the dinosaurs had YouTube...

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Hi Stewart and Jim M:

He also didn't mention the effect of the bifurcated framistat.

Jim Kenzie


Sure they did, haven't you seen the Flintstones?


I often wonder what the guy behind that voice looked like. I think I've heard him at the drive-in commercials.


I seem to recall the original Star Trek engineer as a shorter guy with darker hair.

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