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February 03, 2011


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A very accurate take on not just yesterday's driving but bad driving I see everyday on GTA roads and Highways. The bad lane discipline really bugs me too. As does seeing cars with no lights on at all after the sun goes down or in bad weather ! I find it hard to believe you do not know your lights are not on !
I passed my Driving Test in England and lived in Italy - high volumes of traffic, often higher speeds than here in Canada but they use the 'Passing Lane' for passing, then move back over. Simple ! You have to pass 'theory and practical' parts of the test to pass, not just put in 'D' and go......
The driving tests in both those countries are MUCH more difficult to pass than here - starting with taking the test in a 'Standard' gearbox car. No Automatics ! It really teaches you how to control a vehicle, especially in inclement weather.
Sitting in the Passing Lane then causes the ridiculously unsafe 'Under-passing' ( passing on the right side of vehicles ) this could be avoided if people had better overall lane discipline.
I see that the MTO is finally posting messages on it's signs over Highways advising motorists to 'Keep the Passing Lane open' as well as the safety messages re Texting / Cell 'phone use and regular vehicle maintenance. I still feel it should be more 'in your face' and incessant until more drivers get the message.


"Any suggestions?"

Talk to Sergeant Cam Wooley so he understands the concept, becomes a role model by doing it, and talks about it in his video reports on CP24.


I just shake my head at all those people Jim, i don't know what else to do...


"Drive left, Pass right.." what if im already driving the speed limit... then i can drive in any lane I want since nobody is going faster anyways right?

Jim Kenzie

Hi Zaki:

Oh, 'Sgt. Hollywood' knows what has to be done!

I'm still waiting for an invitation to be on his show to remind him!

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Hi Steve:


You might be driving at the speed limit, but I'm guessing you have not been deputized to enforce others to do so.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act is very specific, and unambiguous. I paraphrase, but essentially, on multi-lane roads:

- you must drive in the right lane except when passing;

- if approached from behind by a faster car, you must pull to the right lane to allow it to pass.

No mention whatsoever about speed limits.

So whether you're driving like a funeral director or a Montreal hotel valet, you are obligated to Drive Right.

As I mentioned, it's not only the law, it's logical, safe, and courteous too. What's there to argue about?

Jim Kenzie

John Frewen-Lord

Steve sounds like what a friend used to call a Sanctimonious, Self-Righteous, Self-Appointed Guardian of the Law. Lovely title! But Steve - that faster vehicle behind you just may be a doctor going to an emergency, a parent who's just learned their child has had a serious accident, or any one of a number of reasons why a person may be exceeding the posted speed limit, legally or otherwise. It is not up to you to decide whether they should slow down or not.


Same thing here in Alberta when it snows. Most seem to be afraid to drive in the right lane on the highway. So I drive my Volvo with snow tires on and pass everybody. I don't like to pass on the right, but everyone seems to just idle down the left lanes. It's not very often that people will move to the right when you come up on them in the left lane.

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