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May 20, 2011


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Ted Andkilde

As a car guy and a bike guy I have reservations about separating bikes from traffic. Lots of empirical evidence shows the majority of car/bike accidents happen where traffic crosses and merges which is why we don't allow bikes on sidewalks and bikes are (should be?) treated like cars (ticketing for red-light running and lane splitting). I'm not familiar with the traffic patterns of Jarvis though, so I may be talking out of my hat.

Cheers, Ted

Adam Gorley

"a vanishingly small percentage of citizens"?

If you believe that then you have no credibility as a journalist.


So if there are physically separated bike lanes you'll abandon some of your arguments directed at cyclists that it's not safe, there isn't room, there aren't enough of them to warrant the infrastructure, the weather's not right and the rest of your excuses? Interesting.

By the way, the railpath trail is great, except that occasionally someone does try to drive on it.

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