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June 07, 2011


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Damn, you're funny. Another added bonus is, when one is driving their free electric vehicle, they'll be able to use the HOV lanes (with or without blow up doll - http://www.insidehalton.com/article/1023716--hov-commuter-blew-it-with-blow-up ) as the electric vehicle qualifies for the 'green' licence plate, which can be used in HOV lanes with only one passenger.


The Canadian Lung Association feels that "when you can't breathe, nothing else matters"! Electric cars may emit 88% of the gases of conventional ones but the fumes can be generated in less populated areas than our roads. If expert climate predictions are right then lets steer away from pollution. Dave Suzuki says that "...it's like we're all in a giant car that's heading for a wall but all we can do is argue about who should steer! I've polluted lots but am trying to evolve by doing things like driving smaller cars and switching from gas engine yard tools to manual ones - it's quieter too.


So ... will you be testing the Mitsubishi i (as it will be called in North America)? :)

The rebate of $8000 (or $5000-8000, depending on the car) in Ontario is for the first 10,000 buyers as of July 1 last year. Let's assume all 10,000 get $8000 and that there are 13 million taxpayers in Ontario. That would make the cost $6 per taxpayer ... maybe $10-12. How much of a car does that buy?


Typical grumpy old man.
You should walk up to a cop car and tell the cop you are going to borrow his car for a day.


So based on this logic, I can tell a cop I can drive his car anytime I want as well. AWESOME!


What would make more sense is for Mitsubishi to just start selling the Colt here already.

car accident whiplash

it's like we're all in a giant car that's heading for a wall but all we can do is argue about who should steer

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