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September 25, 2011


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An excellent example of why we need MUCH better and more public transit in the GTA, so that people who really do need to be driving vehicles can actually move, and the rest can commute from home to work and back en mass. Using cars to transport just one person is an extremely inefficient use of these large vehicles. Unfortunately, developers keep designing sub-divisions to be built around cars, instead of people, so that walking/biking/accessing transit is very difficult and/or unpleasant. This is not unique to Brampton - it's all over the GTA. You should see Dupont Street in the mornings, now that school is back in session - I beat the bus AND every car on my bike every morning!


I've been commuting from Cambridge to Brampton for over a dozen years now. Biggest frustration has always been the "Brampton" part of the drive. With all the development in the Northwest it will only get worse. (Which really causes me to smirk at all those "Say no to the GTA West corridor signs near your neck of the woods", the traffics gotta go somewhere.)

Best option Westbound is use side streets to skip south of Queen to McMurchy (not McLaughlin, the right turn is deadly), North to Queen, West to Mississauga Road and then South ot Embelton. Head North to 10 Sideroad as soon as you can and skip along the south side of Georgetown.

Couple of coworkers like Kennedy north to Mayfield and then shortcut through Glen Williams to catch 7 on the NW side of Georgetown. I think they're nuts....

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