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November 02, 2011


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Dave MacDonald

If we all bought things based on market share we would all be driving Toyotas or Ford F150s, so for me, 92 percent market share means nothing at all. If 640,000 viruses mean nothing to you, then by all means enjoy your new PC. I will continue using my Apple products and driving my BMW, which has a pretty small market share.


Recently purchased a new battery for my 30 month old Dell laptop that has survived SE Asia, Australia NZ (2X) S America, Antarctica Alaska and Texas and will be off to the UAE India and S Africa soon.

Your Lenovo is a good choice



And Mac users, save your keystrokes. There isn't enough Kool-Aid in the world to make me go there. thank goodness! Best thing I have read in weeks. It's a cult followed by people that like to pay twice what they should be paying for a computer


This is classic...

"And Mac users, save your keystrokes. There isn't enough Kool-Aid in the world to make me go there."

I liked you before, but this is icing on the cake.

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