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December 13, 2011


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Barry Thomas

Jim.....is there a Prius driver anywhere who won't be doing a slow burn when they see this pic?



Jim, what's the deal with these special parking spots for hybrid vehicles? Are they equipped with plug-in outlets? I don't get it.

Give this person credit though, he did back into a parking spot.


They have some hybrid parking spaces at the Mountain Equipment Co-Op in Burlington too.

I always worry when I park my Lexus RX400h there that someone will think it's an eco terrorist SUV owner thumbing his nose at the Prii parked in the adjacent spots and will key my vehicle.


8.8 litres per 100 km = 235/8.8 = 27 mpg = x gallons per 100 miles = about 12 cents per km. You have to pay extra for the cleanest rides. I can't find special parking for my low emission vehicle!

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