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December 17, 2011


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Jim, you can save your two cents per litre by picking up a box of cheap plastic disposable gloves at an auto parts store, for just a few dollars. Here's an example: http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/3/HouseHome/3/CleaningToolsVacuums/CleaningGloves/PRDOVR~0420126P/Likewise+Multi+Purpose%2C+Disposable+Vinyl+Gloves%2C+100-Pk.jsp?locale=en

Michael Coates

Hey, Jim, do the math. In miles per $ (even Canadian $), diesel is still ahead of gasoline. Maybe what the attendant meant to say was "Only smart people spend their money diesel." And as a side note, with the X5 you'd need to compare diesel with premium unleaded, the recommended fuel for that model.

Derek Slorach

There are no free lunches, Jim. Having said that, I own a 2005 Prius with 204,000 kms on it. I have spent 0 on repairs, not even brakes. Compared to my old car that got approx 28 MPG, I have saved approximately 11,500. on gas at today`s gas prices. So in true gas savings, 7,8,or 9,000 dollars? Rush Limbaugh called Prius drivers ``suckers``. Really?

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