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March 31, 2012


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David Houston

you city people are so gullible. I live in the snowbelt and have never used snow tires. However i do know how to drive in the winter which is impossible to explain to anybody living in the Toronto area

Peter Stern

"But weigh the cost of a new set of winter tires versus the cost of even a minor fender-bender, let alone a serious crash - it's a no-brainer."

Well I'm glad I didn't waste money on snow tires in the first place... and I've had exactly ZERO fender benders for the past 10 years... and all of the past 10+ years of driving were done on good quality all season radials (good quality defined as NOT Motomaster or some other off-brand with low ratings).

In a place like Toronto where the roads get salted and plowed regularly, you just don't need snow tires. All you DO need is that when driving in snow, be careful and drive at 1/2 of the speed you would normally go under dry conditions and leave 2-3 times as much space for stopping.

That's what I do to maintain my ZERO fender bender track record.

Shame on YOU for allowing yourself to be bought by the tire industry.

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