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April 24, 2012


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Merrill Smith

We have two Subarus and my son discovered that if you leave the headlights on, they go off when the ignition is off, so we have them on at all times. This is handy when driving in New york State, where lights have to be on whenever wipers are on. But a few weeks ago I was driving at night and noticed the instrument lights were off -- so not all cars are wired as you indicate. I wondered how that had happened and remembered that the car had been to the dealer a few days earlier. Obviously the dealer had switched off the lights.


Not the first time I've seen this either unfortunately. About a year ago I pulled up next to a driving school car without its lights on while it was raining out. Since we were stopped at a red light I opened my window and mentioned it to the instructor in the passenger seat. He seemed rather taken aback by my comments and just replied with "ok, ok," and promptly closed his window. As I pulled away from the light I saw the lights still weren't turned on.

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