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May 29, 2012


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Christopher Umali

Running a 42.0 shows how competitive the frs is. That time was posted by someone who stepped into the car for the first time, only got one chance, and yes with traction control on (the scion rep had to ride along with the non-media type, to make sure all the nannies are on). The fastest times in the 39's are cars with dialed in suspension and r-comp tires. The all season meat on the frs test cars did nothing for grip. A driver comfortable in the car with better tires could compete with the best of them. Not to mention modifications to set up a car for auto-x.
Speaking of auto-x, it is the perfect venue for anyone who really wants to learn to drive regardless of the car. I competed in a vw jetta tdi. Learn how the car handles at its limits. The "racing" gets out of your system to the point where the excitement I get on public roads comes from the 3.9L/100km I get from a highway run. I attribute my skill as a driver and my safety on the street to the Push it to the Limit Solo series.
Chris (the driver of the 42.0 in the frs)


Legalized robbers = Insurance Companies, Banks, Gas Stations/Companies, Traffic Police (with their quotas, Lawyers and of course all levels of Government...

The establishment is not really interested in safety, all they want is the esy buck and extra taxes.. if they were truely interested in safety we would have better roads, yearly safety test for vehicles 3 years old and older ( less wheels flying off), harder driving tests.. and if you fail you need to wait at least 6 months before getting another chance...and my biggest beef, speed limits .. we have the infrastructure.. why not copy the UK and Euro countries and have variable speed limits based on condtions and traffic loading .. why cant i do 140 when the 401 is empty???? funny how they say speed kills .. tell that to the Taxi drivers in Munich Germany .. they take you from the airport to downtown on the autobahn at at least 180km/h if conditions permit ...felt totally safe ..ahhhhh

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Great car. Such sweet performance.

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