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May 26, 2012


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Yeah, it's summer at last! Windows up in a couple of weeks.

Steve in Oshawa

Maybe all those drivers are closet motorcyclists and want to get one step closer to feeling the wind on their face. Why do you think dogs stick their heads out the car window?

There's a reason motorcyclists call cars, vans and SUVs "cages."


Actually yes, the famed Mythbusters did an experiment which showed that running the A/C compressor vs. windows down had the same effect on fuel consumption. Personally though, I much prefer windows down as opposed to the sluggish feeling the A/C compressor provides.


If you work in a stale dry over A/C office environment, sometimes you need that wind in the face feeling to just feel human again.


Weird you should mention this, as I noticed the same thing yesterday (May 28 - hot, humid) while driving.

Oddly, I found myself with the window down while stuck in traffic on the Gardiner, and then the QEW from 427 to Hurontario. Now normally, I'm an avid A/C user, but for some reason, it just didn't feel that hot to me with the window down.

I'm thinking it's because it's only the first really hot day we've had. After weeks of it later this summer, maybe the novelty wears off?

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