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May 14, 2012


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Agree completely, the one touch signaling thing should be standard on all car. I currently owns a Mk6 GTI and I love that feature. Hopping back to my parent's Infiniti back home and I always thought it was silly that it doesn't come with such a simple feature, and yet it has every other alphabet soup of "driver aids" that I thought does little more than distracting me rather than aiding by making light flash or beeps at me...

Moe Haliska

It is strange that I might opt for this had I known it even existed! I say strange, because I sorely dislike any automatic feature in cars....auto door locks (WHY???), auto driver side window down, auto windshield wipers (I would prefer the wiper fluid get a chance to soak the windshield BEFORE the wipers take the water away), auto seatbelt (remember those?) Heck, even the rain sensors are a pain because they never really get it right.
Every time there is an auto something, there is an exception to its use.
Is it possible that I am wrong on the auto-signal?? I would like to try it!


Jim Kenzie, Regarding 3-tick lane change feature: I think the HTA requires drivers to signal their intention to change lanes before commencing the maneuvre, to continue sgnalling while executing the change and to stop signalling after the vehicle is entirely within its new lane. I doubt 3 ticks of the turn-signals will encompass the full lapse of time involved for a proper lane change. I do not find the task of turning the signals on and off so onerous that an unsafe lane change is warranted.

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