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June 03, 2012


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Arn K

Once in a while, I end up behind a police car and I usually, just for fun, check their driver's side mirror, and sure enough, where is it aimed? Right down the side of the cruiser.

You'd think of all the driver's out there, they'd be the ones having their mirrors in the right positions.

Ken Chevis

Jim, use your process and encourage all my friends and family to do the same. Sound advice, thanks. An additional aid are the small convex mirrors that can be mounted on the outside rear views. I have used them extensively in regular and racing situations.


Jim, just a coupla comments ... first off .. I agree with the mirror adjustment .. that's taught that way in the UK and you are tested on it .. however that said .. if there were no blindspots, why would OEMs be putting systems on their vehicle called BSI (Blind spot information) some vehicles have a small indicator light on the mirror bracket inside the vehicle ... of course there are blind spots .. right between the drivers eyes!

Comment #2 is to do with the useless signs we have over the 400 series hwys.. what a waste of technology... now if the MTO was clever..??!! they would use those signs to have dynamic speedlimits that vary with conditions .. egad.. what a concept .. that is what the UK and Europe have already adopted .. we have the infrastructure, why doesnt the MTO use it properly? Perhaps the wheels section should have a contest to see who can come up with the best and most useful message for the overhead signs and you can forward them onto the MTO... obviously they do not have much expertise in giving us the driving public good advice.. :)

Stephen Parker

Jim, Jim. We are of like mind on the mirror issue. When I saw that same message on the 401, I immediately thought of you and said to myself, "Self, if Jim Kenzie saw this he'd say, "If the mirrors are adjusted properly, there are no blind spots, people!!!"

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