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June 09, 2012


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Hello, Jim.

I've got some observations and thoughts on your comments:

1. Your description of Lane Discipline on the 407 is current and accurate.

2. It wasn't always like this - when there was less traffic ( say 3 years ago ) other drivers not only kept right, but actually moved over when approached from behind.

3. I have a theory about the choice of the #2 lane - psychologically, it is perceived to be the "fastest and least effort" lane to drive in: The #1 lane is fastest, but they have to pay attention to traffic and move over when over-taken; The lanes to the right are for slower traffic, AND you have to deal with people merging and moving to the left. In reality the #2 lane is the "minimal mental effort required" lane.

4. A cop can't use a radar gun to write a ticket for not keeping to the right.


The 407 is among the worst culprits in the "disappearing driving lane" category. The regular drivers take the path of least resistance and simply drive in the lane that's not going to turn into an exit. Two wrongs, in this case, making a 2nd from the right.

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