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June 27, 2012


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Not so clear cut imo. In the US I've seen signs telling driver to use both lanes until the merge. Why do ypou think that is?

No reason to leave one lane vacant for miles. What's the matter with keeping both lanes full, and then merging alternately when they go into one? No big deal and certainly not dangerous, especially if traffic is crawling which it often is in these cases.

The actions of the trucker who takes it upon himself to block traffic are dangerous and little different from the left lane blockers you complain about.

Tim Winker

At lane closures here in Minnesota construction zones (and other states, too, I imagine) drivers are encouraged to continue to occupy their lane until very late in the merge zone. Apparently this allows for a steadier flow of traffic into the single lane.

They call it The Zipper Effect:


And you praise that trucker behavior? When will drivers here stop being obnoxious with the use of ending lanes? All that the truckers did is increase the bottlenecks. You need to exploit that lane til the end and merge both lanes seamlessly and everyone is a winner. But, then understanding the concept of seamless and courteous lane merging (without any of the lanes really brought to a standstill) is way above the level of drivers out here.


I don't see it as much as I used to, but I don't live in the city anymore. I always gave a big thumbs up to the trucks that stayed in the right lane and moved to the right far enough to block the shoulder runners. Usually the other trucks would keep close enough behind to not let them in, either.

arbitrage theory

Hi Doug, nice story you have here. Here in my country, majority of motorists are lacking the road discipline so we have many vehicular accident here every month.

m a richard


Re: Trucker-imposed discilline...

You should know better than publishing such a dimwitted article!

Fortunately, we know what the truckers are imposing on our highways and we act accordingly.


Anthony Tremblay

Tom Vanderbilt in his book Traffic (Knopf, 2008) quotes studies indicating that traffic flow is improved when both lanes are used right up to the closure. While I agree that it seems impolite to drive down an open lane that may close 1 km down the road while other cue up, is it not more considerate to make the most efficient use of the roads ahead thus minimizing wait times for drivers coming up behind?



You missed the mark on this one, Jim. The four wheelers are jerks for using the lane until it ceases to exist, but the truckers make our roads a nicer place to be when they do EXACTLY the same thing?


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