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June 18, 2012


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I consider myself a good driver but after reading your earlier post I re-adjusted my mirrors per your advice. Hey Presto - no blind spots! I still do a shoulder check, but I feel a lot more confident that I know what's around me.

Thanks for the post; keep it up!

Todd Coles

A scarier thought is those people who read the sign and think to themselves - "Blindspot? What's a blindspot?" And they are not asking that question because they follow your blog and know how to correctly set up their mirrors.


Obviously the 407 pays their scribes more and have more intelligence (I mean the 407 can afford it with the rates they charge), whereas the 401 and the like have some fresh faced kid out of school doing it no doubt... Gahhhh dont get me going on those stupid signs... my only comment is "adopt the UK and Euro usage and put dynamic speed limits on them governed to the conditions" just a simple thing would solve so many idiot problems.



and one from our friends at BMW


André Chénier

Suggested message for those ridiculous signs : KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD.


I can't remember the exact wording, but one of the electronic message boards on the QEW westbound (on July 12) was recommending you look over your shoulder TWICE. Something like "Changing lanes? Check your blind spot, check again, change lanes safely." So, while I'm hurtling down the highway at 100km/h, they suggest I look behind me two times, completely losing track of what's happening in the direction I'm travelling. Why don't I just close my eyes twice for a count of one-one thousand, or maybe answer a text messsage on my phone?

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