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July 06, 2012


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Larry Mitz

I was working on College Street in 1965 when the first Eastern North America power blackout occurred. I anticipated gridlock on my commute home to the Golden Mile area. Every intersection was treated as a 4-way stop and motorists took turns just as you describe. There were a couple of places where university students acted as traffic cops to speed up the process. My trip home was no longer than usual in spite of rush-hour traffic and no lights or police. Maybe Hans Monderman was right.


The only time people seem to get confused is when there are multiple lanes.

Old Hans had the right idea. Actually in Holland, there are very few stop signs. Most of them are yield. Which keeps traffic moving very nicely and cuts down on the stops and starts. Probably saves a lot of fuel as well.

David Rose

I work in Owen Sound, which is infested with traffic lights ( the devil's work, I say) and twice last winter we had power outages which took out the signals. Never had such a quick trip through the city.

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