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August 28, 2012


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John B

I must have missed the Stewie ad because I FF commercials, so maybe I shouldn't say anything. But seriously, Jim, are you faulting drivers for coming to a complete stop at stop signs? You must have been driving automatics too long, or those new-fangled standards with synchro on first gear. ;)

I stop at stop signs for at least half a second, or I think I do. Rolling a stop sign just a little is like being just a little pregnant. It's the slippery slope. You may as well blow it. Maybe Stewie will get rear ended, but it's always the doofus behind him that will pay for it. Until the law is changed or the signs are replaced by yield signs, I'm stopping.


I always find the problem is what I call the "political stop signs". Drivers were using a road near my house as a way around a busier main road. So rather than put in some law enforcement to slow people down, what do they do? Put in stop signs. That stopped the locals from complaining. Then of course the police started hanging around nicking people for blowing the stop sign, or as the Quebois call it, "un arret American".

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