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October 03, 2012


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Maybe you should try cycle commuting before you speak - a whole year of it. I think your attitude would change and you would see that cycling is beneficial to all in reducing gridlock, pollution, dependence on oil and improving people's health. But why should I care about drivers who sit stuck in their cars, encouraging more people to driver which will in turn increase gridlock? You can drive to the gym, pay lots of bucks to stare at a brick wall while on your treadmill, or you can ride a bicycle to work, and maybe the money you save would allow you to live closer to your work. And yes we can aspire to be Copenhagen.


Your poem doesn't even rhyme.


It's not a 'colossal' (mis)application of taxes (and not yours, because you don't live here, right?, given that the return on investment in providing bike infrastructure is much greater in terms of reducing congestion and ultimately improving public health than when people take up more road space being sedentary in cars or even buses. It's also none of your business when most bike use of Jarvis or any other lanes occurs. We could say the same about a lot of streets in terms of car use.

Your desire to remove bikes from the urban road use equation 'for their own safety' because it's too much to ask drivers to share the road and be responsible is disingenuous and smacks of fake concern.

Toronto also is not Milton. We have options for getting around here, and if you want to limit them, be prepared for more congestion.

I guess the reduction in collision rates doesn't count either, even if published in your own paper (http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1264301--eight-reasons-to-leave-jarvis-bike-lanes-alone), nor the actual stats (http://www.toronto.ca/cycling/reports/pdf/jarvis.pdf)


@ Larry but the bicycle lane didn't reduce congestion on Jarvis. The same number of cars used Jarvis after the bike lane was installed. It did not encourage any motorists to get out of their cars. So, where did these extra bicyclists come from? Other routes? Other modes of transportation (pedestrians, public transit users, skateboarders etc)? All it did was increase average travel time for +10 000 people by two minutes in each direction for a few hundred bicyclists. Do you want to know how much time in lost productivity that adds up too?


Core, what's your source for the 10,000 and 2 minute stats?


removing the bike lane from jarvis was the best decision for the city and cyclists need to accept that the roads were made for vehicles. take your bike to the park where it belongs.

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