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November 13, 2012


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I'm sure it was a joke that the property managers are playing on the politicians. Since that entire place is private property, that speed limit sign is as enforceable as a stop sign in your driveway. Very few cars even have graduations between the digits anymore.. LOL

Thumbs up for the joke!!

Malcolm Gunn

Hey, Jim:

Given that the 17-km-h speed limit sign received your complete and undivided attention is proof that it’s doing exactly what was intended. Anything that gives motorized mall patrons pause is just fine in my books. Every time I venture onto these sacred shopping spaces I find myself fending off uncaring, idiotic drivers who act as if they’re behind the wheel for the first time, except perhaps in one of the CNE’s dodge-em cars. Perhaps Don Mills’ slightly cheeky approach will have the desired effect.

Jeremy Bangor

Grabbed your attention didn't it?
I think it is novel way of attracting attention for all the correct reasons and gets people talking about it, as you've just done!


Well I can tell you that this is one place that won't see my wifes shopping dollars. A speed limit that slow is beyond stupid. When on drives a considerable distance to shop a mall, the object is to get parked and get shopping. Time is a luxury very few of us have in abundance and spending it crawling at 17 kph to accomplish this defeats the purpose of mall shopping. So to the merchants at the hoity, toity shoppes at Don Mills, I thank you, my wife thanks you, my 3 grown up daUghters thank you for taking your establishment off the list of places we will spend money. Long live Yorkdale, Fairview and the Promenade, cause ain't nobody there taking stupid pills

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