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January 17, 2013


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Nate Salter

It appears that again AJACS reluctance to recognize domestically built vehicle, highlights their prejudice against anything without a foreign nameplate. Quite frankly you guys disgust me

Brad Watson

Jim, your make some great points here. I have followed the ATS reviews with interest but with an underlying disbelief that a car from GM could be this good! (Ignoring the current and new Vette of course.

I've been a foreign car supporter, Toyota, Acura, Volvo over the years but it seems it is now time to start giving our North American manufacturers their just due.

Wade Ozeroff

I tend to agree, Jim. The entire franchise lost its way after "Texas Ch. Massacre XII: Leatherface Goes Hawaiian", despite a wonderful cameo from Judi Dench as Hillbilly gas station Attendant #3


Reluctance to recognize domestic vehicles? The Chevy Cruze won 2011 Canadian Car of the Year.

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