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March 24, 2013


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John B

I love the rear-facing driving light to catch the attention of a following driver using high beams. I always wanted to mount a flip-up mirror on my parcel shelf for the same reason.


Jim, I got a laugh out of the driving light comment. Vigilanteeism may seem effective, but let me tell you a story:

Driving home from Muskoka on highway 12, I came up behind a Ford Escort going about 70 in the 80 zone. As I approached, I noticed he had a small roll-up type blind in the rear window, which I saw him unhook from his seat and lower via a string. (Don't know why flipping his mirror to night setting wasn't enough.) However at proper following distance, I noticed he had also installed two fisheye mirrors on his rear window facing back, installed so they would reflect a car driver's high beams right back at them. Probably effective, but in my higher Ford Bronco (yes, it was that long ago), they reflected my properly-aligned regular headlights right back at me. To go to this much trouble, the guy must drive 10 under the limit everywhere he goes. Some sort of passive/aggressive defensive driving modification, perhaps?

D. Cook

I thought about the electronic sign in the back window some years ago & with LED's now it's probably more possible than ever. But a custom made one would no doubt be expensive.

Last weekend I made a trip to Windsor. Very few OPP on the way down to my surprise but traffic was well mannered. On the return there were many OPP out there. It wasn't until past Guelph with heavy traffic that an SUV & a mini van blew by me (I was doing 120)racing each other & weaving thru traffic. And a silver 300M did the same. No OPP when you wish they were around!

But, what really ticked me off was a silver Mercedes coup on the 404 north of Sheppard (southbound). It was in the left most lane doing 95 cruising along oblivious. Two cars behind moved to the right to pass when it was open. There was no traffic for at least a km ahead. I got closer to him than I usually would & used my horn to no effect. So I moved into the HOV lane (my wife was with me) and when I got beside him I noticed he was wearing headphones! He just stared straight ahead. He looked to be in his mid 40's & being non caucasian, made me wonder if 'keeping right except to pass' was ever made clear to him when he got his license? Looking back a few minutes later he had 4 cars behind him and traffic solid across the lanes.

I know you've written about lane discipline multiple times and it's one of the most frustrating aspects of driving on our highways.

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