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May 27, 2013


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At least with the HOV lanes, make it only restricted during certain hours. That's the way I saw it done in other cities when driving down to Florida. While we are at it, remove the hash line and make another lane. Nobody really pays any attention to that line anyway and I see people crossing it all the time.

Now if they really want to ease congenstion, make a lane on the 401 that goes all the way from Scarborough to Mississauga with no exits. That will let the crosstown traffic get where they are going without getting caught in rush-hour.


Jim, 2 things you say here make sense:

1. make the lanes available to everyone for free - everyone, as I pointed out, who has already paid to build them
2. raise the price of fuel

I would suggest, however, that only the price of gasoline should be increased, not diesel. The cost of trucking is already very high and we need our goods moved by the trucking industry, and any increase in their costs are passed directly onto the consumer. Some folks will buy diesel cars if gas is increased, most won't.

I would also suggest that no new highways be built, or existing ones expanded. Over time people will sort out how to get around once gridlock is the norm: move closer to work; companies will move to more accessible areas; smaller-more efficient cars/motorcycles/scooters will be purchased; etc. There are private citizen type solutions that can be employed without always running back to the various levels of government and asking them.

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