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June 06, 2013


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John B

I don't know, Jim. Haven't you ever gone out to your car and not even been able to open the door because it was covered with 1/2" of ice? What would you prefer to do, spend half an hour chipping away, possibly damaging the car, or remote start it and have the ice come off in sheets with little effort after 5 minutes?


I wonder if the Cruze diesel will come with this option? As VW diesel owners kow (or learn) the engine is so efficient that it does not warm up at all until you drive it. As in it doesn't generate sufficient heat to warm up the interior. Now to mention that you have to wait a second before you turn the key when starting it on really cold days, otherwise it runs really rough and spews out an unburned fuel smell.

David White

My Honda will not warm up until driven.....no point in letting it idle and pollute.


I find the idea absurd that you would want to remote start you car, i think that it is just unnecessary polluting of the atmosphere. we have survived all these years without it till now !!

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