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Behind the Big Picture

Jim Rankin, Staff Reporter


Tevane Lennon, 22, was shot in the back on the street where he lived. He was struck by several bullets the fatal of which perforated his heart. 
Many other bullets missed the intended target, lodging in houses and vehicles. 

I was sent to the homicide scene the morning after the shooting to make pictures and piece together a story. 
I’m one of the Star’s reporter-photographers, or “two-ways,” as were once known, and on this one I was doing double duty.  
As the police tape came down, reporters and photographers moved in for a closer look at the mess left behind. Louis Llewellyn moved in as well. Without yet knowing who he was, I shot seven quick frames of him looking at the shot-out back window of an SUV. 
I shot the images through what was likely an exit bullet hole in a side panel window of the SUV. I made several frames that had much more depth of field, using a smaller aperture, and this one, which was almost wide open. 
That white rectangle below the hole is an evidence sticker, placed there by a forensics officer. Afterward, on a hunch, I asked Lloyd if he knew Lennon, and he did. He was his brother-in-law. Lloyd was the lede in my story in the next day’s paper, Young father left dead in a spray of gunfire

Some other pictures from the scene,

Toronto police forensics officer Constable Robert Arnott looks for bullet fragments left on the exterior of a home near the shooting.

A police officer passes down a fragment removed from the exterior of a home near the shooting scene.

A television reporter prepares to go live near the murder scene.

There have been no arrests in Lennon’s slaying, Toronto’s 36th homicide of the year.



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