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As much as I enjoy photographing in Toronto with all of its concrete and beauty I find it refreshing to photograph out in rural communities. 


The Tamil Protest travels down College St. in downtown Toronto Ontario on May 13, 2009.

Recently I drove through the countryside and visited Mark Cullen, a gardening guru out near Aurora Ontario. 

Mark was very easy to work with. I enjoy photographing portraits of people that I can strike up a conversation with. It puts both me and them at ease and lets a portrait happen and feel less conjured up.


Mark's property came fully equipped with a chicken coop. I didn't think I would be hanging with chickens when I woke up this day. I thought it made for a nice photo and could go well with the story. Its always nice to photograph something that isn't going to be the latest horrific news headline.


Photographers get to witness significant moments in peoples lives, often for more than just a fraction of a second. It can be overwhelming to see the many things that we see throughout a work week, but then again its what keeps all of us going. 

Trying to be prepared for anything and everything is an entirely different blog post.

Pawel Dwulit




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