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Another Day Out Of The Office

Richard Lautens, Staff Photographer


Some days it is just plain fun coming to work.  As a nature of our work, we photographers get to have access otherwise unavailable to most people.  Flying with the Snow Birds several years ago comes to mind at this time of year.

Just recently I had a couple of fun assignments.

Our Wheels section at the Star regularly tests all manner of vehicles.  To go along with these stories, we need to make photographs to go with the articles.  One memorable one for me was driving a $500,000 Rolls Royce Phantom several years ago.  Writer Mark Richardson and I drove the car from here to Montreal without taking a highway.  What a great machine.

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive the new Audi R8 v10 super sports car.  It was a cherry red,  $200,000 worth of sweet ride.  It was the first time seeing the car in Toronto and so I wanted to show the skyline.  Broadview avenue south of Danforth was the perfect spot. 




I tried to explain to my kids that we could buy 10 of the Chevy Malibus I drive for work for one of these cars.  They wanted to opt for the Audi.  I do think I looked good in the car however.




Just last week I had another cool car experience being able to drive the new Mercedes CLS 500-a sports car with more luxury features than most luxury cars.  It was a mere $100,000 however-only 5 Chev Malibus. 




I may not be a car fanatic but now I think I know what I like.


Richard Lautens/Toronto Star


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