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It's Miller time

Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

After Mayor Mel stepped down photographers worried about the next mayor.

Mel was always looking out for us it seemed, a lot of the time he was over-the-top, but he made sure there were pictures.

When David Miller was elected there was hope that he would be good for photographers covering City Hall. 

The broom election night gave us hope.

When Mayor Miller announced he was not seeking re-election, I remembered all the photo ops with him over his terms and the one I look most fondly has to be what I consider my best cheque presentation picture ever.

Cheque presentations are probably the one assignment that photojournalists hate the most. We go to great lengths to avoid them. What is the money for? We'll shoot that! How was it raised? We'll shoot that! Its usually two people holding a sliver of paper or if they used a huge novelty cheque, then it is everybody they can squeeze into the picture. PR companies love it, they can maximize the number of CEO's in the picture not hurting anyone's feelings.

That was the case in September 2005, MAyor Miller was at Union Station to accept, yup, a giant novelty cheque from Federal ministers John Godfrey and Joe Volpe, I believe there were a couple more people as well. 

After the group cheque picture Miller did some one-on-one media interviews, still holding that cheque like it was real. Since the money was gas tax money earmarked for transit we went down to the Subway platform. A couple more one-on-ones and Mayor Miller was ready to leave. As I was walking away I saw him, still holding that cheque, board the subway car and sit down, his staff gave him room.

I about-faced and raced onto that car sitting across from him and captured what has to be my best cheque presentation ever.

Thank you Mayor David Miller


After posing for a picture on the on the Union Station Subway platform Toronto Mayor David Miller makes his way back to City hall withthe City of Toronto's first Gas Tax installment he recieved earlier from Federal ministers John Godfrey and Joe Volpe in the form of a giant novelty cheque for $ 24,450,000 in the Centre Block Great Hall at Union Station in Toronto. Toronto is supposed to get $407 million over five years.  September 7, 2005.



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Your cheque presentation photo of Mayor Miller is brilliant. It proves that one cannot teach someone the "money shot." It's instinctual. Thanks for the great work and coverage. jcl

its all pr propaganda, in reality the gas tax will not change anything.

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