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Second life for these pictures.

Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

Every assignment, every day, every week, every month, every year, every career photographers have a picture or several that for one reason or another don't make the paper or website.

Here is a sampling of my pictures from September that did not make the paper or website!


September 2, 2009 University of Toronto Frosh give the practicing Argonauts a cheer as the Toronto Argonauts prepare for their upcoming game against the Hamilton Ti-Cats at the practice field at University of Toronto Erindale Campus in Mississauga.


September 21, 2009  AGO President Tony Gagliano places Anubis' staff to complete the 26 foot statue as the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) unveils a 26-foot, seven tonne, statue of Anubis, the jackal headed god of the underworld, to promote the opening of ticket sales for the AGO's November through April exhibit, "Tutankhamun, The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs"


September 22, 2009  Ryerson students play soccer on 2,160 square foot patch of grass that they covered Gould Street with to celebrate car free day and advocate the closing of Gould Street from Victoria Street to Church Street permanently.


September 22, 2009  "It's not everyday that I get to push my wagon up the middle of Yonge Street," reflects Ron Weslosky as he wheels north asYonge street sits empty just south of Dundas as pedestrians slowly take to walking on it as it sits closed for Leave Your Car at Home day. 


September 23, 2009   Firefighters look on as a after the rescue of two occupants from a car that went through a fence and into the spillway off the north side of Humber Blvd in the Black Creek Drive and Weston area in Toronto. 



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cool camaraderie of the magical lens of the camera! thrilled watching them

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