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Sometimes, it is about Hot Dogs and books.....

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

It's true. Being a photographer on a big city, daily newspaper, is a pretty good gig. It certaintly has its rewards as well as its challenges. The events you cover, or come upon, run the gambit from the surreal to the very real.

Most, if not all, of my close friends, I think, agree I have the best job. After all, I don't work in an office - in fact, I rarely work in the same location from hour-to-hour, let alone day-to-day. I don't need an expensive wardrobe. I go to exotic places. I meet a huge variety of people. I sometimes get to do something very few people ever experience. And, I take pictures. (At least they've stopped saying, "yeah, but you only work for 1/60th of a second.)

But away from the endless hours of waiting by red carpets for celebrities, or Royals, or Popes, or carrying 55 lbs of kit on two day hikes in the treeless moonscape of southern Afghanistan, or standing downwind of toxic fumes at fires, there is always the LESS romantic, not-quite-as-sexy assignments that fall across all our laps.

Sometimes, I even invite those "slower" days when the adrenalin never gets going, and the environment (both weather and light) are moot since the assignment requires staying inside the office.

Wednesday was that day for me last week. I actually volunteered to shoot the Sunday books in the studio. Its a simple, mundane, prescribed formula which involves more time and effort to climb up and down the steps of the ladder (for a little elevation) then anything else.

Going along with that assignment, was a hot dog taste test that was set for the Star's inhouse kitchen. That pictures was destined to be the inside art for the story. The front section art, would be the various hot dogs shot individually, their respective names spelled out separately and photographed separately, then later merged for an illustration.

Books and hot dogs. Just so you know, it's not ALL guts and glory. Sometimes, the change of pace is necessary. It helps me appreciate the next adrenalin rush. 




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Beautiful (really - there is simply no other word one could use to accurately describe this wonderful blog on photographs, since after all ... beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...). Pix worth 1,000 ... I was reminded me immediately of how the "hat trick" in hockey originated (and how Eddie Shack once played for ... yup - The Guelph Biltmores!) And, after having once posed for student photographers during their portrait photography course, I still look back fondly to what remain some of my favourite pix of all time (simply put - there's more to portrait photography than EVER meets the eye ...). And, yes - sometimes it does indeed boil down to being in the right place at the right time, eh? Bravo, and thank you to all - this blog has made my day!

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