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Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

As the Olympics approach and athletes begin to make their way through Toronto photographers are presented with opportunities to make portraits of them or Sportraits.

Sportraits present a challenge, we have athletes that compete nowhere near here available in venues that serve well for a press conference but not really ideal for a portrait as their sponsors introduce them.

That was the case this past Monday for me as I was assigned to photograph alpine racers Erik Guay, John Kucera and Manuel Osborne-Paradis.

Held at BCE place the venue was hardly alpine and with a throng of media there, the amount of time with them for a sportrait was going to be limited. The arranged photo opportunity at this event was fairly lame but sponsor pleasing. At these we usually scout a location, set up some lights and then beg the media contact (or in this case Randy Starkman) to wrangle them for the picture. Even though these guys are here for media, they are super busy, they are cramming all their media obligations into one day and unless you begin to travel the world cup circuit with them, accessing them before the games will be tough.

I selected a site close to the press conference area, where I could keep an eye on my lights. I was using the roof of BCE place to give me an alpine feel along with some sexy lighting to give our skiers a hero look.




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