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Business As Usual


Richard Lautens, Staff Photographer


Photojournalists love to tell ‘war stories’ – these are not really about war, just about our adventures on various assignments. 

The one thing these stories don’t contain is tales of the mundane stories we often have to cover.

Much of what we do here is shoot quiet portraits of people, little features of people walking through parks in the rain and products in the studio.

The Star still believes in creating as much of our own content as possible.  When you look at all the products you see in gift guides and shopping columns, remember that every glove, boot, lipstick and book needs to be taken into the studio, lit properly, shot and then filed.  Prior to this, one of our writers or stylists must spend the day shopping to find the item, unpack it, and ultimately pack it up and get it back to the store.

One day this week my entire work day involved shooting about 60 small items in the studio and filing them for upcoming Shop Like a Pro columns in The Star -

important for the paper but not exactly the stuff of great War Stories.


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Richard Lautens/Toronto Star


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